How it works?

“If you would like to advertise on the website or have further enquiries please”

1. How do I sign up?

If you do not have a username and password and you would like to set up a full searching account to get the contact information for the BROKER/shippers that have posted loads on our site, you would need to click on the link at the top of the page that says “Create Full Searching Account” that will walk you through the setup process. There are two pages you will have to fill out to activate your account, the first page creates your company profile where you set up your own username and password, the second page you provide your credit card or checking/savings account information to get your account activated. If you already have a username and password, login with that username and password and click the link that says “Upgrade to a Full Account” this will take you directly to the account activation page where you provide your credit card or checking/savings account information to activate your full searching account.

2. What methods of payment does accept?

We accept payment thru any online transaction method via Credit/ Debit card, Visa, MasterCard, American Express we also accept DD.

3.Does have a contract?

No, we do not have a contract. All accounts are on an annual basis, as stated when completing your registration there is a “Terms and Conditions” box you have to check in order to activate your account.

4. How do I cancel my account?

You may cancel your account at any time by calling 1800 22 2829 or (022) 28723400/500. If we are not available, you may leave a mail, please be sure to mention your company name/details or you may send an email to with your account information. If you do not need or want your account for the another year, you must contact us before your next billing date to avoid any additional charges. When you notify us to cancel your account we will cancel your account that day so no other fees will be debited from that point forward, however your account will remain open until your current paid subscription runs out. If you contact us the day you notice that a charge has just been processed, we do not issue refunds for unused service, again your account will remain open until your current paid subscription runs out. We will send an email within 24 hours of your notification so you will have a confirmation that your account has been canceled.

5. How does Truck work? is a freight matching service. The majority of the loads posted on our website are posted by BROKERS/ direct shippers that post with us. To search for loads and get the contact information and or additional load details you will have to have a full searching account and pay Platinum subscription fee. To post your loads/trucks you will need to have or set up a free posting account.

6. How does the credit score work?

The credit scores are a rating from 0 to 100+ that we obtain from an outside party to help you determine that you will be dealing with a reputable BROKER/shipper. Any score that appears in green would determine the poster has an excellent credit rating. If you click on the number it will give you a detailed credit report. If an N/A appears, it means that we do not have a credit score for them, it could be because they may not have been posting with us long enough to obtain a score or they do not post on a regular enough basis for us to pay for their score and keep paying for additional updates.

7. What kinds of loads are posted on your load board?

The majority of the loads posted on our board are for full size trailers 48 or 53 foot in length. We do have partial or LTL loads listed on the board as well. The partial loads can vary in size from 1 pallet to 35,000 pounds. To search for partial loads choose the types of trailers your trailer could potentially haul as and under the load size choose the LTL or partial load option.

8. How do I retrieve my username and or password?

If you have forgotten your username or password, click "Login" which is located on the top left portion of the page. When the login box appears click "I forgot my password" put in your email address and it will generate an email that will list the username and password associated with that address. If you receive an email stating we do not have an account on file for this email address and if you have multiple e-mail accounts, you may have used a different email address when creating the account, you may have to try again with another address. If you do not receive an email, check your spam folder to make sure the email was not routed to spam instead of your inbox. If you are unable to retrieve that information, you can contact our office at 1800 22 2829 or (022) 28723400/500.

9. How do I update my company information?

If you are logged into your account you can change/update most of your company information by clicking on the tab that says "My Profile.” Since we have multiple databases it could be listed in, you are not allowed to change your company name. If you need to change/update your company name you must call us at 1800 22 2829 or (022) 28723400/500 or email the new information to and we will change it for you. We cannot change a username.

10. How do I get paid?

You can find the load / truck on the website itself, If you are our premium customer you will get it as SMS or Phone call. Or you call to check load availability running on our website. On the table you you find listing with the posted customers along with contact details and location. Green dot represents the genuin regular customer. As a freight Matching service our work is only to match Truckers with Loaders and vice versa. Rest of the deals are carried out between end parties. We do not provide any transportation or Loading from our side.

11. How current are the postings on your board?

Many of the brokers/shippers update their load(s) automatically throughout the day. It is possible a load may be gone but still appears on the board, because you contact the broker/shipper directly, we have no idea when a load is no longer available until they update their available load listing(s) with us. This also may occur if you are seeing the load through an email alert depending on the time the email was sent from us and then viewed by you it is possible the load could have been moved.

12. Do you provide mileage calculators or directions?

That will be enabled in the near future very soon. The number that appears in the trip miles column is a clickable column, you can click on the number that appears there and it will give you the miles, driving time and detailed routing information from point A to B. You can also click on the "Calculate Mileage" tab which is a drop down menu under “More Services”, you can put in your starting location and destination and the mileage driving time and driving directions will be calculated for you. This information is provided by an outside agency.

13. Why does a credit score not appear by my posting(s)?

The majority of the loads posted on our board are for full size 48 or 53 foot trailers. We do however have partial loads listed on the board as well. To search for load(s) for smaller vehicles, choose all trailer types that would potentially fit your type of trailer keeping in mind that partial loads can vary from 1 pallet to 35,000 lbs. Just remember to be sure and click (LTL) partial on the load size. This will narrow your search down and only show the smaller loads that your truck/trailer can haul.

14. What is the pay rate for the load(s) posted on

We do not have the pay rate on the majority of the loads posted on our board and cannot estimate what a load will pay. The pay rate is determined by the broker/shipper posting the load(s). If they provide the pay rate we will post it, it will appear under "Details" which is a clickable button located on the right side of the screen beside the load you are interested in, any additional information we are given about the load will appear here as well. We have several thousand brokers posting with us. It is impossible for us to know what the pay rate is because there are so many variables i.e. area of country, trailer type and time of year, some loads are paid by the mile and some are paid as a flat rate each load is determined on a case by case basis by the broker/shipper that posted it.

15. How do I remove email alerts?

To stop load/truck alerts from being sent to your email there is a link in the email that says “unsubscribe/change load alert settings”, by clicking on this link it will log you in to your account and allow you to view or delete the alerts you created. You may also login to your account and click on the "Recent Searches/Email Alerts" tab. This will show all of the searches you have done as well as all of the alerts you have set up. To remove alerts or searches click on the white box to the left side of the search or scroll down and click on the box that says “select all” if you would like to remove all the entries. Once you have checked all the alerts you want to delete, scroll down and click on the box that says “Delete checked entries.”

16. Do I need a promo code?

You do not have to have a promo code to subscribe, if you have a promo code please enter the code and click apply. This is a number we use internally for tracking purposes. If you do not have one, simply bypass that field and continue with your registration.